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Copper rod is used for the production of copper wires used in telecommunications and electric power transmission, as well as for magnet wires. 

Wire Propertiesimage


The Cu-ETP wire is produced in compliance to specification EN 13601.


Physical Properties

Density 8,94 g/cm3   
Melting point 1.083 oC   
Linear expansion coefficient 0,0165 mm/oC m.
Thermal conductivity 3,9 W/cm oK
Electrical resistivity 17,241 mΩ mm2/m or lower
Conductivity 58,0 Siemens (m/Ωmm2)    101% IACS


Mechanical Properties

Modulus of elasticity 120 GPa
Tenile strenght > 240 N /mm2
Elongation min 35%        


Wire Characteristicsimage


Diameter (mm) Packing
2,0 +/- 8,0 mm Free coiled coils.