Sofia Med manufactures rolled and extruded products of copper and copper alloys, which find wide application in many branded products. Tradition in terms of values, progress in terms of technology, products and services. We integrate our values ​​in all our business activities: ethical behavior, honesty, responsibility and open communication. In order to uphold and strengthen these commitments, as well as the reputation and success of Sofia Med, the management defines the corporate policy. The focus is on the success of our customers and our employees.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner in the manufacturing industry worldwide.

Our mission is to generate sustainable growth and to create value through excellence in our people, products and services, and with respect for the environment and society.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. We work together for the success and the continued existence of our and their business. We want to recognize the requirements and future targets of our customers at an early stage and solve them reliably.

Zero Defect Philosophy

Problems and identified mistakes are opportunities for us to innovate and improve. Each employee has the duty and the right to contribute to the detection of defects and their elimination, as well as to produce perfect quality and to avoid or reduce the environmental impact. Primary importance is the prevention of defects compared to the defects detection.

Continuous Improvement

We see it as a target and a challenge, always striving to build up on what already exists and to developing future-oriented solutions for our targets through continuous improvement. Our goal is to continuously increase the quality and competitiveness of the products and services we offer.

Leadership Skills

We want to continually adapt and improve the quality management to new circumstances. From the quality policy, the corporate and process goals are derived to promote the executives and managers to take responsibility for the common achievement of our quality goals and to identify with our core values.


Our ideas and knowledge create new products and secure our future. In this way we want to solve the targets of the customers and fulfill their requirements and expectations. We see changes in the market as a chance for more growth of our profit and capabilities to the service of developing and delivering innovative products, services and solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Preservation of Market Shares

We want to create clear competitive advantages for our customers as well as for ourselves. We want to secure the growth of our company by serving markets in which we are already represented, with innovative products, services and solutions. We also want to explore new areas that build on our technologies and competencies, and take into account the interests of our customers and other stakeholders.


Our goal is to generate enough profit to finance the continued growth of our business and provide the resources we need to achieve our quality targets and other responsibilities.

Employee Satisfaction

The qualification, awareness and motivation of all employees are fundamental to our corporate success. It is therefore important to keep employees informed and to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills through training.

By setting goals, we are committed to continuous improvement. The duty for the implementation of this policy is borne by every employee in his area of ​​responsibility. The quality policy is publicly available to all stakeholders and is communicated by the management representative.


Dr. I. Papadimitriou

June 2018