Health and Safety


Providing Health and Safety at work is a deeply recognized and rational motivated responsibility for the Management of Sofia Med with a careful approach to the employees and society as a whole. It is determining when realizing all investment, ecological, technological and organizational day-to-day activities.

Taking this responsibility the Management of Sofia Med SA declares that:

1. The principle for providing Health and Safety at all times at all work places and the continuous improvement of the working conditions are in full compliance to the applicable legal requirements and the corporate guidelines of Viohalco. They are part of our corporate culture and a key element in all management processes.

2. Our main goal is to reach zero number of accidents, professional diseases, injuries or incidents at work, so that we keep the safety, health and prosperity of all personnel including the subcontractors, working on the territory of Sofia Med. This will contribute to the sustainable high quality of our production and will raise the satisfaction of our customers.

3. Individual responsibilities and tasks for all employees have been created according to the company policy and their active participation in activities, connected to Health and Safety at work, is being encouraged.

4. Continuous and open dialogue is ongoing with the representatives of the workers concerning the management of working conditions; this takes place via the work of the Committee for Working Conditions and the Committee for awareness and coordination of interests.
5. Providing all necessary resources (financial, human and material) for guaranteeing Health and Safety working conditions, prevention of injuries and illnesses of the workers is of highest priority.

6. Implements proactive approach to a Health and Safety management system, based on:
  • Periodical identifying of the dangers and assessment of the production risks with the participation of the personnel of Sofia Med aiming at timely and efficiently management;
  • Identifying, assessment and management of the risks and possibilities, which influence the management system, aiming at the improvement of its effectiveness;
  • Maintaining compliance with the legislative and other requirements in the field of health and safety working conditions;
  • Monitoring the parameters of the working environment; monitoring and analysis of the parameters for the measurement of the system efficiency;
  • Continuous and documented training and information exchange with employees and all third parties on the possible risks at work and the methods for their elimination and limitation with the aim to enhance the knowledge and skills related to the health and safety at work;
  • Immediate investigation and reporting of all incidents (accidents with and without lost days and near misses) with the aim to implement appropriate preventive and corrective measures, which will prevent their reoccurrence;
  • Implementation of regular inspections by the Health and Safety at Work Department and Health and Safety at Work auditors team with the aim to guarantee compliance with the rules;
  • Encouraging active participation of all employees and business partners in the initiatives related to the performance improvement of the health and safety at work.

7. Demonstrates zero tolerance to the violation of the established health and safety rules in the company both by our employees and our partners.

8. A Health and Safety at Work Management System has been created, implemented and certified, as part of the integrated management system concerning Quality, Environment and health and Safety at Work, according to the International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and is in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation, the corporate guidelines of Viohalco, scientific and technical achievements, as well as good practices.
9. Gradual implementation of the health and safety at work management system is an obligation and shared responsibility of all Managers, specialists and workers, because the sustainable development and prosperity of Sofia Med is based on the good health, good work ability and high productivity of our people. 
10. The implemented health and safety at work management system, responsible business practices and company programs are a guarantee for economic sustainability and social security maintenance and for health and safety at work culture, as well as company reputation improvement.

11. Continuous improvement of the Health and Safety performance by engaging all stakeholders in the Health and Safety effort and integrating Safety as a key element in all management processes and corporate culture.

For the successful implementation of the Health and Safety at Work Policy the Management of Sofia Med requires from all company managers and employees, as well as from all partners to demonstrate in their daily work high professionalism and responsible behavior on Health and Safety at work. Everybody is expected to follow strictly the requirements written in the System Documents and to actively participate in its functioning and development, so that it can be continuously improved.

Employees and business partners should be committed to safeguarding Health and Safety "in all places at all times" as a condition for continued employment and collaboration.        


Dr. Ioannis Papadimitriou,

General Manager

November 2021