Grievance procedure

Procedure for public’s complaints 

All the comments, problems or complaints related to the activities of SOFIA MED S.A. might be brought to the company knowledge in writing by one of the following ways:

  • By mail to the following address: Bulgaria, 1528 Sofia, gara Iskar, 4, Dimitar Peshev Str.;
  • Online to e-mail:;
  • By fax: +359 2 9606 393,

Or verbally on the following telephone number: +359 2 9606 209.

The comments, problems and complaints from the stakeholders will be taken into account. Complaints can also be submitted by completing the "complaint form".

Below are given some basic steps of the mechanism for handling the complaints:

  • Each received complaint shall be registered with the entry number in the register of incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • Within 5 working days of the complaint  receipt, SOFIA MED S.A. shall contact the applicant to his/her details for contact in order to confirm that a complaint has been received and will be considered;
  • SOFIA MED S.A. will conduct an investigation to determine the reasons that could have led to the applicant's complaint;
  • In case that non-compliance has been found during the conducted investigation, plan for elimination of the non-compliances shall be prepared containing corrective actions, persons in charge and deadlines for implementation. If immediate measures are impossible to be taken, long-term measures shall be identified and applied;
  • If SOFIA MED S.A. is not in a position to cope with a specific problem raised by the mechanism for complaints or if it was not necessary action on its part, the company will provide to the applicant a detailed explanation / clarification about the reasons. The response will also contain an explanation of how the applicant can continue its appeal if the result does not satisfy him/her;
  • Within 20 working days from the date of the complaint confirmation, SOFIA MED S.A. will inform the appellant  in writing about the results of the investigation, the non-compliances found out (reasons for the complaint) if such ones were found out as well as about the proposed corrective actions and their tracking;
  • The appeal will be considered closed and completed when the two parties (SOFIA MED S.A. and the appellant) are satisfied of the achieved solution of the problem. Also the complaint might be closed by SOFIA MED S.A. when it is proved that the latter is groundless.

All the complaints (verbal and written) will be recorded in an internal "Register of complaints and appeals", in which the following data will be registered:

  • The name and the details for contact with the appellant;
  • The date of receiving the complaint;
  • Nature of the complaint;
  • The responsible persons from SOFIA MED S.A. engaged with solving the problem relating to the complaint;
  • The proposed corrective actions;
  • Date of sending a reply to the appellant;
  • Tracking the corrective actions (date of implementation);
  • Status of the complaint;
  • Additional comments.

The stakeholders have the opportunity to indicate in their message if they want their names to be kept in secrecy.